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Welcome! If you are ready to  supercharge your mindset and take the first steps towards making your life  full of purposeinspired actionpride and happiness.....then you have come to the right place.


 I'm Leanne, an accredited mindset and success coach. I work with empowered individuals like you to find your purpose, to create confidence in yourself and to start taking steps to becoming the best version of yourself.


I am here to help you believe in yourself, break down obstacles and step into your power and create the life you really want to live.


You have got to this page for a reason and I am excited to find out exactly why that is…

Are you ready to create greatness in your life by achieving:


Gain clarity on your future vision and what goals will create most impact in your life. Discover your why!


Uncover and remove blocks and past beliefs that have held you back - not just what’s holding you back on the surface - what’s going on beneath.


Unlock a strong sense of self-belief, pride and step into your own greatness. 


Uncover powerful tools and habits to ignite your energy and provide a strong sense of alignment


 If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had”. Take positive actionable steps towards achieving your greatest goals.

Through working with me you will unlock even more of your potential, become focused, energised and ready to show up as the best version of yourself. And you are worthy of that!

meet your new coach leanne

Why work with me? Because I'm committed to helping you achieve the same positive transformation in your life and career that I've experienced myself.

I had a highly successful corporate career which I felt grateful for, but I lacked a sense of fulfilment, excitement and pride in my day-to-day life.


I was living each day waiting for the weekend or next holiday and I craved more ownership and freedom in my life.


I had a lightbulb moment that changed my life forever and sent me on a new path. I decided that I wanted to step into my power, create a future I loved and surround myself with other inspiring individuals who want to go after their own dreams. 


Within a year, I completed accredited coaching training, launched a successful business, sold out of products, and received press features. 


Through working on my mindset, I experienced mind blowing shifts and success. I took control of my future and created a fulfilling path that aligned with my true goals. 


When I'm coaching and focussing on mindset time passes so quickly, I am energised and creative. It allows me to really enjoy my life- not wish it away.


Now, I am here to help you achieve similar transformation in your life.


So if you are craving more fulfilment, success, and confidence in your career and life then LET'S WORK TOGETHER!


If you want a greater sense of purpose and clarity on what that is then LET'S WORK TOGETHER!

If you want to create a life that you look back on one day and feel pride and contentment that you went for it then LET'S WORK TOGETHER!


Are you feeling out of balance and UNSURE about your future career or life goals?


Do you struggle to fully TRUST yourself and recognise your STRENGTHS?


Is something HOLDING YOU BACK from stepping into the version of you you truly want to be?



Get CRYSTAL clear, LASER FOCUSSED on your future vision and become emotionally invested in that 

Take inspired and EMPOWERED ACTION towards your greatest goals 

Create a unshakable sense of energy and ALIGNMENT that results in fulfilment and confidence 

COACHING programmes



My in depth 12 week coaching programme will support you in creating a life that you REALLY WANT.


We'll go through a highly transformational journey together. 


We'll let go self doubt.

We'll create a vision for your life that feels exciting and aligned.


We'll create positive action steps towards your vision.

You'll emerge as a more confident, focussed and fulfilled version of yourself.

You’ll receive 1:1 bespoke online coaching sessions over 12 weeks and I will be with you every step of the way with message support in between sessions.


A powerful 1:1 coaching session to improve balance and gain clarity over your future goals and create an inspired action plan. 


Complimentary coaching session to discover what areas of your life to focus on to create lasting and impactful transformation.



In our confidential 1:1 online coaching sessions, we'll work together to achieve powerful transformation in your mindset, life, and career.

Through personalised video calls, we'll have focused discussions and work towards your goals in a supportive and confidential environment. Additionally, you'll have access to message support between sessions  (Mon-Fri) to celebrate your wins, ask for personalised support, and stay accountable.

I'll be with you every step of the way, providing the guidance and support you need to succeed and taking joy in all of your wins!


Together, we'll create meaningful change and help you achieve the fulfilling future you deserve.

satisfaction guaranteed

There's a reason I offer a coaching guarantee that has NEVER been claimed! My coaching program is designed to deliver real and lasting results, as long as you are committed to the process.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, I will coach you for free until you are. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve the transformation and success you really want.


With my expert guidance and unwavering support, you will have the power to make meaningful changes in your life and take actionable steps towards your goals.


Why wait any longer to start living the life you deserve. 


"Since my first session working with Leanne, it has truly been a life changing experience. With her help , I have improved my self-belief in my personal goals, gained confidence in what it is I want to achieve and also created an action plan that has put me on the right track to achieving a dream I never thought was possible. 


Her supportive approach made it instantly easy to open up and have deep insightful conversations.


I have always been hesitant with taking risks and going after what I've previously felt were unrealistic personal goals, but leannes guidance, feedback and structured approach has not only made me feel like I can do anything I want, its helping me to overcome obstacles and actually DO whatever I want. I couldn't be more thankful to her and already looking forward to working with her for a long time."

"I had an amazing coaching session last night with Leanne. Who knew when you did deeper you learn the how’s and why’s of what you can do to ache i your goals. changing your mindset opens up a new way of thinking, making you more determined to get where you want to be, to feel proud and to celebrate when you get there…. Thank you so much Leanne it’s opened a door in my mind to go that bit further to get what i want! xxx"

"Wow, leanne is an exceptional coach. She listened intently and made me feel so valued. I felt she really understood me. I feel she broke down my limiting beliefs I had of myself and helped me move forward. After working with Leanne, I feel so clear in the actions I need to take and she has really helped shift my mindset resulting in a huge change in me. 


I cannot thank Leanne enough as she has really changed my outlook on life. Without any hesitation I would strongly recommend her, she is amazing at what she does and you can see the passion and knowlege she possesses. Thanks again for all your help!!"

"Thank you so so much !!! I think you may have actually just changed my life Leanne. so so so grateful to our paths crossed. Was definitely meant to be !! "

"Thank you so so much !!! I think you may have actually just changed my life Leanne. I am really going to work on my timeline and see what comes up!! Honestly my head has fallen off  so so so grateful to our paths crossed. Was definitely meant to be !! "

"Thank you Leanne I have’t felt this good in years"

"I absolutely love working with Leanne, she transforms my mindset, perspective and LIFE every single session. I am constantly growing and evolving into the future me and couldn’t do it without Leanne’s sessions. My vision and goal is so clear from our goal setting session and I feel SO READY to keep taking the action steps to achieve it!!! As always, so grateful, thank you Leanne!!!"

"Leanne, I am unsure on where to start! Every session we have I have such powerful breakthroughs every single time. The power of your coaching sessions and the breakthroughs I am having, I am taking into my life every single day, reminding myself I can do this, I am worthy, I am good enough and I have a good memory!! (The most mind-blowing session of them all) thank you for helping me remember my ‘why’, for being my accountability buddy, for inspiring me every single day, supporting me on my journey, and believing in me enough to help support you on yours!

As cliche as it sounds, I will never be able to convey in written words how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you at the exact moment that I needed to in my life. Thank you for everything, and I am really excited to continue working with you."


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